Welcome to Queen Shabby Collection

About Us

From the first moment, we knew that ours was going to be a winning couple.

One madly in love with fashion and colours, the other a lover of Italian culture.

It all started by chance, when we met on social media and realized we had a common interest in Ladies Fashion Clothes e-commerce.

Between dresses, skirts, shoes, sweaters, trousers, lingerie, socks and shabby chic home décor, our goal is always to offer every woman a special alternative in dressing, for every occasion and need, focusing on the quality of fabrics, design seasonal colours and above all the entire combination of the Made in Italy Style.

Nadia with her several years of London career, from senior hairdresser to restaurateur, has made known in London the goodness of Neapolitan / Italian cuisine through her restaurant “Addommè” in the south of the capital. After deciding to stop from the restaurant world and become a mother, Nadia decided to brush up on one of her passions, and this is how her small online boutique with the Queenshabby.com brand was born.

Viviana on the other hand, after having worked for many years in Italy as a Travel Agent , she is now an Italian Tutor in UK , and with her brand Ladylandcollections.com follow a mission which is to support the no-profit organizations for the violence against women and children rights, such as education, particularly of languages and economics .

For many good reasons that unite us, we thought that by joining this ride together , we can make the journey less bumpy and becoming stronger, but above all make our dreams come true … and from here it was time to become QueenShabbyCollection.co.uk 😘

Thank you very much for supporting us.

Viviana & Nadia
Co-founders of Queen Shabby Collection