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Did You Know It’s Not Always What It Seems?

Did You Know It's Not Always What It Seems?

They often ask me why there are various Skull T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Jumpers for sale at our

Queen Shabby Collection Boutique.

Did you know it’s not always what it’s seems, these Skulls do not necessarily only symbolize death, but in

other cultures, they symbolize a cheerful passing-away.

Here below is a bit of the story behind this beautiful and colourful representation cult:


The MEXICAN SKULL, also known as the SUGAR SKULL, is a symbol of the tradition of Mexican people,

on the cult of the dead, who, unlike the more “sad and gloomy” Western culture prefer to exorcise the moment

with symbols full of festive colours.

And precisely, this is clearly visible with this coloured representation of the skulls, which has given it a joyful

cheerful value, and not only a macabre vision of the afterlife, and obviously we like to have in stock clothes

that have this colourful representations full of sequins or diamanté stud.

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With Love, Nadia at Queen Shabby Collection

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