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Outfit Inspirations For The Autumn Season.

Transitional outfit inspirations.

Outfit Inspirations For The Autumn Season – Happy Reading :-))

“SUMMER IS ENDING AND A YEAR GOES BY” This is a verse from a very famous song of the 80s, sung by

“I RIGHEIRA”, an Italian duo well know in those years.

I remember myself at the beach having fun with friends, while the radio station was broadcasting

this tune and all of the sudden you would quickly realize autumn was just around the corner.

Swimming costumes, summer dresses, shorts, skirts, camisoles, all sorts of extravagant trendy patterned t-shirt, sandals

and all other summer accessories, would have soon been leaving space for fall outfits.

But let’s say that if we are not ready to say goodbye to the floaty dresses of June and July, we are in luck as September

and October, fortunately, are those transitory months when we can still wear them (just about) but due to

the chilliness of the months, they will be styled with long chunky knit cardigans, inspired ponchos, lightweight jackets,

eye-catching shawls, denim jackets, thick fashionable tights or trendy footless tights- leggings, denim jackets with

biker boots, knee lengths boots or sneakers-converse shoes, or if you are like me and refuse to give up your love

affair with sandals just because the weather is cooling down, so many style you can choose to be able to still wear


So, dear readers, if you by chance landed on this page and you are reading this blog,

furthermore find it valuable, (hopefully :-)))

why don’t take a little tour around our amazing cute little Italian Style Boutique? Queen Shabby Collection

Dressing for autumn is never as simple as it seems but, although we are a still quite starting up boutique,

therefore we still don’t have a huge stock selections, I’m pretty sure you will find some lovely

transitional Outfit Inspirations For The Autumn Season, that will definitely suits your taste.

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