The Four Great Capitals Of Fashion.

The Four Great Capitals Of Fashion.

The fashion capitals are those cities that are very influential in the fashion industry, where the production and

presentation of the products of the biggest names in the world take place, but also where the PRONTO MODA aka

READY TO WEAR -MADE IN ITALY, is taking great importance.

The most important fashion capitals are four, and they are also know as THE BIG FOUR:

Milan, London, Paris and New York.

Let’s start by talking about London, which is one of “THE BIG FOUR ” that has welcomed us a long time ago and

where, without a doubt we feel at home.

London unlike other cities, does not have a single street dedicated to luxury shopping but many and I’m sure many

of you know very well Knightsbridge, which is one of the most elegant district of London and, famous above all

for the luxurious department store “HARRODS“.

Chelsea, Bond Street and Mayfair are London’s most exclusive luxury shopping areas, with all the exclusive

luxurious internationals brands boutique – (mainly Italians).

Finally, we have Regent Street and Oxford Street which are London’s most famous shopping street districts, hosting a

variety of both mid-range – high end shops, including lots of “READY TO WEAR ” branded and unbranded shops.

And then, of course, there is us with our READY TO WEAR brand Queen Shabby Collection Boutique, with

fabulous smart casual dresses, Puff Sleeves Smock Dress – Grazia tops, Asymmetric High Neck Zip Top – Gilda

trousers, Italian Magic Trousers Faux Leather – Valerie hosiery, accessories Inspired Faux Leather Crossbody Bag – Gaia

all Italian Style and a small section of French Style Shabby Chic Home Décor.

For the time being, you will find our shop Queen Shabby Collection only online, aiming to have an Italian Style

Boutique, in one of the London Street very soon.

MILANO- is an Italian city well know around the world as the capital of fashion and design.

One of the most famous street is Monte Napoleone, which hosts the majority biggest fashion brands shops in the


PARIS -very famous for many aspects: art, cuisine views such as that of the Eiffel Tower and last but not least for

fashion. In fact, every year Paris (and all the other cities I’ve mentioned) hosts the famous Fashion Week that shows

the world all the new collection of the biggest fashion houses.

New York – very well known as THE BIG APPLE.

The most famous street for shopping there is the FIFTH AVENUE, which crosses all Manhattan and welcome the

most famous luxurious shop brands in the world.

So….wherever in the world you will be, HAPPY SHOPPING :-))

ZSL London Zoo – The Regent’s Park – The Royal Parks

Harrods UK | The World’s Leading Luxury Department Store

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